Game Notes:

Computer Troubles

The game where the player has accidentally downloaded a virus and must close as many pop-ups as possible before the computer is overrun by them.

Note: The FPS lag is deliberate (: Have fun


Creator Notes:

Hey there folks! My name is Noah. I am a 19 year old undergraduate Video Game Design and Production student living in the UK.

This game was made during my very first gamejam - Hosted by GMTK - which I entered in solo. As a designer and producer, I'm not very well versed in programming, nor can I draw exceptionally well, but well I did my best~ 


Most visual assets are my own.

Most audio assets are my own.

Assets used:

JermaPog by DubskiDude - Taken with Permission:

Electronic Highway Sign Font by Ash Pikachu Font:

LiberationSans SAD:

Taken from TMP_FontAsset

Computer error sound effect great for vista, xp, or even flash events:


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This game is totally out of control. 

Well done good sir :)